Dileab Ailein: The Legacy of Allan MacArthur - Newfoundland Traditions  Across Four Generations

Dileab Ailein: The Legacy of Allan MacArthur - Newfoundland Traditions Across Four Generations


  • Author(s): Margaret Bennett
  • Genre(s): Scottish Culture; Oral History; Scottish Gaelic
  • Publisher: Grace Note Publications, Ochtertyre, 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-9552326-8-8
  • Hardback Price: £15.00


 Dìleab Ailein: The Legacy of Allan MacArthur Scottish Newfoundland Traditions by Margaret Bennett. This book discusses the history and traditions of a community of Scottish Gaels who emigrated from the Isle of Canna and Moidart in the nineteenth century and settled in the Codroy Valley, Newfoundland. Based on fieldwork recordings from 1969 to 2007, the book and double CD production celebrates four generations of the remarkable MacArthur family whose vibrant Scottish Gaelic traditions of song and music both endured and evolved through each generation to the present day.

The collection is unique and covers four generations of one family, over a period of forty years. (We can find no comparative collection with this range, not even in the internationally renowned Lomax archive.• The book is to be bi-lingual, in Gaelic and English, with all songs and poems transcribed and translated.• The audio recordings will not only be entertaining in their own right, but also invaluable to Gaelic language speakers, learners and scholars.

CD 1
MacArthur’s Cèilidh - Cèilidh MhicArtair

1. Toast to Scotland,
2. ’Illean Bithibh Sunndach
3. Gura Bòidheach am Bàta
4. Them songs came from Scotland…
5. Hù a Hù Ailein Duinn
6. Tom Dey, Calum Crùbach set
7. Fear a’ Bhàta
8. Tha Mi Sgìth
9. Kitchener’s Army
10. Gun Chrodh Gun Aighean
11. Gathering to sing
12. A Mhàiri Dhubh
13. Òran an Tombaca
14. O Cò Bheirinn Leam
15. A Chailin Dhuinn (Frank)
16. King George IV & Muillean Dubh
17. Dominion Mine Strike
18. This Loch Lomond here
19. Farewell to Paddy LeBlanc
20. Òl an Deoch air Làmh mo Rùn
21. Allan’s toast to whisky,
22. Bha mi ’n Raoir ag Òl
23. Mo Nighean Donn Bhòidheach
24. Big John MacNeill Set
25. Allan’s Canntaireachd
26. Frank’s MacPherson tune
27. Canntaireachd for accordion
28. Canntaireachd for The Smith
29. Allan on pipes: Cock o’ the North set

CD 2
MacArthur’s Kitchen Party - Partaidh Cidsin Mhic Artair

1. MacArthur’s Island
2. Shamrock, Thistle and Rose
3. Oidhche Challainn (Custom)
4. Rann Challainn (Rhyme)
5. Square Dance Set
6. Christmas Down Home
7. A Chailin Dhuinn & Miss Lyle
8. Calvin’s Mandolin set
9. Will You Marry Me?
10. Allan & Mary on Gaelic & proverb
11. Òran an t-Saighdeir
12. Miracle of Christmas
13. Ailein Duinn (2007)
14. Tullochgorm
15. Making moccasins and songs
16. Oran nam Mogaisean (1970)
17. Oran nam Mogaisean (2002)
18. Last word on moccasins
19. Cock Your Leg Up
20. Gaelic Tongue Twister
21. Dèan Cadalan Sàmhach
22. Daddy’s Girl
23. Miss Rowan Davies
24. Tips Eve Jig
25. Remember Home
26. Cha Dèan mi ’n Obair
27. Nach do Ghoid mi ’m Piatan
28. MacArthur’s Kitchen Party
29. Deoch Slàinte, Lord Lovat

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