See When You Look back...: Clydeside Reminiscences of the Home Front, 1939-45

See When You Look back...: Clydeside Reminiscences of the Home Front, 1939-45


  • Author(s): Margaret Bennett
  • Publisher: Mitchell Library, Glasgow 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-906169-58-2
  • Audio Sample: Lilli Marlene, Singers: members of Kinning Park Over Sixty Club. Music: Snady Stanage. Produced by Margaret Bennett


"See When You Look Back…" Clydeside Reminiscences of the Home Front, 1939-45 by Margaret Bennett. There are many books and official records of the Second World War, mostly written from the point of view of military historians. But what of the wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and sweethearts of those who joined the armed forces? This book tells what it was like in Glasgow for some of the women and children whose lives and families were equally caught up in this terrible war. Till now, their voices have scarcely been heard, so their story is told here in the words of some of the women who were there.

Folklorist Dr Margaret Bennett collected these reminiscences of life in Clydeside at the time of the second World War. Those sharing their memories and (songs) are the good ladies of the Kinning Park Over Sixties Club. Gripping, touching, funny, their stories are an important insight into what it was like to be on the Home Front in wartime Scotland. The sections include Rationing, The Blackout, Women at Work, The Clydebank Blitz, Evacuees, and of course, entertainment and Songs. There is a CD of the ladies singing and reminiscing included with the book


War Declared
The Blackout
Air Raid Shelters & ARP
Fire Watching
Women at Work 
The Clyde bank Blitz
Entertainment and Songs
Newspaper and Newsreel Headlines from the Second World War.


1. Lilli Marlene
2. Yes, We Have No Bananas
3. Hang Out the Washing
4. Dave Willis in the Pavilion (Helen Nicol)
5. Wee Gas Mask
6. Maizy Doates
7. Run Rabbit Run
8. Roll Out The Barrel
9. Pack up Your Troubles
10. Flitting (May Anderson)
11. Christening Pieces (May and Nan Millar)
12. Scrammles (May and Nan)
13. Rationing (Jean Michie)
14. Our ARP man (Jean Michie)
15. We laughed through the tears (Jean Michie)





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