A' The Bairns O Adam -Hamish Henderson Tribute Album

A' The Bairns O Adam -Hamish Henderson Tribute Album


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A' The Bairns O Adam -Hamish Henderson Tribute Album -The CD features a selection of Hamish Henderson wonderful songs and poems. Interpreted by Rod Paterson, Alison McMorland, Adam McNaughtan, The Corrie Folk Trio, Margaret Bennett, Geordie MacIntyre, Dick Gaughan, Gordeanna McCulloch, Allan MacDonald & Dr Fred Freeman, Eurydice Choir, Jeannie Robertson and Hamish Henderson...



1.    The Ballad of the D-Day Dodgers.Tune: Lili MarleneSung by Rod Paterson
2.    So Long. Poem read by Fred Freeman
3.    The Flyting o' Life and Daith. Sung by Alison McMorland
4.    Victory Hoedown. Sung by Adam McNaughtan
5.    Rivonia. The Corrie Folk TrioThis is Hamish Henderson's famous "Free Nelson Mandela" song recorded at the School of Scottish Studies in 1968 and sent to the South African Freedom Fighters in the field.
6.    The Freedom Come-All-Ye. Tune- The Bloody Fields of Flanders / Maclellan Sung by Jim Reid
7.    Ninth Elegy. Poem: read by Margaret Bennett and Song: Thug Oirinn Oro sung by Margaret - one of Hamish's favourite Gaelic songs.
8.    The Ballad of the Men of Knoydart. Tune: Johnston's Motor Car - sung by Geordie McIntyre
9.    The Speaking Heart. Sung by Gordeanna McCulloch
10.    The Song of the Gillie More. sung by Dick Gaughan
11.    The 51st Highland Division's Farewell to Sicily. Tune Farewell to the Creeks: sung by Hamish Henderson
12.    The John MacLean March. Sung by The Laggan
13.    Pipe Tunes / Lament for the Son. Pipe Tunes - Allan MacDonald Latha Dhan Fhinn Am Beinn Loghnaidh / Taladh Dhomhnaill GhuirmPoem: Lament for the Son - read by Fred Freeman
14.    Mouth Music  by Hamish Henderson
15.    Auld Reekie's Roses. Eurydice Choir with Gordeanna McCulloch
16.    My Son David. The magnificent voice of the great Jeannie Robertson recorded by Hamish in 1960.From the archives of the School of Scottish Studies.

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