Borne On The Carrying Stream - The Legacy of Hamish Henderson

Borne On The Carrying Stream - The Legacy of Hamish Henderson


  • Author(s): Edited by Eberhard Bort
  • Genre(s): Scottish Culture; Customs & Folklore
  • Publisher: Grace Note Publications, Ochtertyre, 2010
  • ISBN: 978-1-907676-01-7


Borne on the Carrying Stream – The Legacy of Hamish Henderson. Hamish Henderson poet, soldier, scholar, folklorist, song-maker and political activist. Eighteen essays engaging with aspects of Hamish Henderson's remarkable contribution to contemporary Scottish culture - from song-writing and song-collecting to poetry and politics. Contributors: Margaret Bennett, Eberhard Bort, Steve Byrne, Corey Gibson, Rob Gibson, George Gunn, Joy Hendry, Tom Hubbard, Geordie McIntyre, Brian McNeill, Ewan McVicar, Pino Mereu, Timothy Neat, Tessa Ransford, Mario Relich, Donald Smith, Sheila Stewart, Gary West. Edinburgh Folk Club's annual Carrying Stream Festival celebrates the life and legacy of Hamish Henderson. A selection of the Festival's Hamish Henderson Lectures, together with the other contributions, paint a fascinating picture of this multi-facetted Scot-'Father of the Scottish Folk Revival'. (

Table of Contents

1. Hamish Henderson: The Democratic Muse Eberhard Bort


2. Champion of the Oral Tradition Brian McNeill
3. A Singer’s Perspective Geordie McIntyre
4. Hamish Among the Travellers Sheila Stewart
5. Wee Gallus Weans: Hamish Henderson as a Collector of Children’s Lore Ewan McVicar
6. Perthshire to Pennsylvania: The Influence of Hamish Henderson on Transatlantic Folklore Studies Margaret Bennett
7. A Fili from the Province of the Cat: Hamish Henderson and Caithness George Gunn
8. Hamish Henderson and the Piping Tradition of the North-East Gary West
9. Hamish Henderson and Béla Bartók: ‘Bridgeable Chasms’ Tom Hubbard


10. Apollyon’s Chasm: The Poetry of Hamish Henderson Mario Relich
11. Encompass the Crossed-Sword Blades: Hamish Henderson’s Poetry Tessa Ransford
12. Hamish Henderson: As the Poets Saw Him Timothy Neat
13. The Scottish Accent of the Mind—The Sympathetic Imagination: Scottish Poets of the Second World War Joy Hendry


14. Hamish Among the Partisans Pino Mereu
15. ‘Gramsci in Action’: Antonio Gramsci and
Hamish Henderson’s Folk Revivalism Corey Gibson
16. Headful of Highland Songs: Journeying Hopefully Thanks to Seumas Mòr Rob Gibson


17. Libraries of Love and Passion: Hamish Henderson’s Library Donald Smith
18. Riches in the Kist: The Living Legacy of Hamish Henderson Steve Byrne


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