• Artists: Margaret Bennett in collaboration with the Lomax Archive


From Alan Lomax’s Hebridean odyssey in the summer of 1951 comes this selection of songs habitually used by women to accompany daily or seasonal toil: the tending of cattle, the carding and spinning of wool, the shrinking of tweed through the communal task of waulking. All the tracks from the original field recordings, made in the islands of Barra, South Uist and Benbecula, with an additional two recorded in Glasgow from a Lewis singer plus one from a woman brought up in Moidart on the West Highland mainland. CD Notes of Margaret Bennett , 2006

Song title

A' Bhanarach Chaoin 1:42
Alasdair Òig 'Ic 'Ac Neacail 2:08
Cha Déid Mi Do Dh'Fhear Gun Bhàta 2:05
Crodh Chailein 2:31
An Cuala Sibh Mun Mhaighdean Cheutach 2:52
Discussion About Measuring and Rolling Up the Cloth0:28
Discussion About Milking Songs 0:50
Discussion About Shielings0:37
Discussion About Shielings (Conclusion)1:00
Discussion About Shielings (Continued)0:23
Discussion About Shielings (Continued)0:45
Discussion About Spinning1:45
Discussion About Spinning [Continued] 1:17
Discussion About the Tweed0:43
A Fhleasgaich Ùir Leanainn Thu 1:30
Freagair Siod Mas Toil Leat Fhéin E 3:35
Gaol A' Chruidh 0:39
Gaol Ise Gaol I 2:01
Gu Dè Ni Mi? 1:27
Gur E Mise Tha Fo Ghruaim 1:22
Gur Tu Mo Ni'N Donn Bhòidheach 0:45
A Ho Ró's Gun Dheoghail Na Laoigh 1:35
Memories of Mingulay Men at the Luadh in Barra (Discussion)0:33
Memories of Stornoway Girls in Barra (Discussion)0:56
Mhurchaidh Bhig Nan Gormshuil Greannmhor 1:55
Mhurchaidh Bhig, A Chinn A' Chonais 4:41
Mo Rùn Ailean 4:16
Nighean Sin Thall 1:21
O Có Bheir Mi Liom 1:36
O 'S Fhada Bhuainn Anna 2:59

A.J. McLean, Vocals
Alan Lomax Engineer, Field Recording
Anna Lomax Wood, Collection
Annie Johnston, Vocals, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Bess Lomax Hawes, Collection Consultant
Bill Innes, Photography
Bill Nowlin Series, Coordinator
Calum Maclean, Photography
Catherine MacKellaig, Vocals
Catriona A. MacMillan, Vocals
Eric G. Meadows, Photography
Fanny MacIsaac, Vocals
Jeffrey A. Greenberg Collection
Jenny Morrison, Vocals
Kate Nicholson, Vocals
Kitty MacLeod, Vocals
Maciek Miernik, Original Transfers
Margaret Bennett, Liner Notes, Text, Songs and Recordings Selection
Marietta MacLeod, Vocals
Mary GilliesVocals, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Nathan Salsburg, Production Coordination
Peter Cooke, Photography
Phil Klum, Mastering
Ralph Morton, Photography
Sandy MacNeil, Vocals
Shirley Collins, Photography
Steve Rosenthal, Restoration, Mastering Producer
Susan SalsburgProof Reading
Werner KisslingPhotography, Cover Photo

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