Learn a Gaelic song with Margaret Bennett

Take a moment to learn a song with me! Just listen carefully to each line, repeat aloud, then we'll sing the song together.

Song One: Tha mi sgith

Tha mi sgith 's mi leam fhin
buain a rainich, buain a rainich
Tha mi sgith 's mi leam fhin
buain a rainich daonnan

Cùl an tomain braigh an tomain
Cùl an tomain bhòidhich,
Cùl an tomain, braigh an tomain
Huile latha m' onar

Margaret Bennett - teaching: Tha mi sgith


Song Two: 'Si Mórag

'S i Mórag, 'si Mórag
'S i Mórag a rinn a 'bhanais
'S i Mórag, 'si Mórag
A rinn a' bhanais ainmeil

Bha i dubh an uiridh
Agus tha i dubh am bliadhna
'S bha i dubh a h-uile latha
Chunnaic mise riamh i

English Translation:

It’s Morag, it’s Morag, it’s Morag who had (made) the wedding
It’s Morag, it’s Morag, who had the famous wedding

She was dark (haired) last year And she is dark this year /
And she was dark every day / that I ever saw her.


Margaret Bennett teaching: 'Si Morag


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