Radio & television


programmes include: BBC Scotland; 'The Pure Drop' RTE's series (produced in Dublin), numerous radio programmes. Numerous TV documentaries including one featuring her life as a folklorist (Time Quines , 1994); A series of five programmes on Scottish customs and beliefs, and unusual aspects of Scottish tradition, The Strange Show (autumn, 1995).
BBC Scotland - Scotland History Top10 - Why Tartanry matters to Scots! -


about emigration, the Scots in Canada, and several others.


many programmes: BBC, RTE (Ireland), CBC (Canada), ABC (Australia). Public Radio USA.

Contributor to radio programmes on topics relating to Scottish tradition, culture, folklore -BBC, RTE, CBC, ABC.


Play Me Something by John Berger (played part of the school teacher) Main actress, Tilda Swinton. British. The film won the Europa Prize at the Barcelona Film Festival, 1989.
A Iobairt (The Sacrifice), Gaelic short film, played part of an archaelogist; Celtic Film Festival, 1997.

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