Margaret Bennett

Scottish Folklorist, Award-Winning Author, and Singer


Whenever a lullaby is sung to a child; whenever a ditty, a riddle, a tongue twister, or a counting-out rhyme is used in the nursery, or at school; Whenever sayings, proverbs, fables, noodle-stories, folktales...

Folk Life

It is the everyday and intimate creativity that a particular group or people share and pass on a group's traditional activities, skills and handiwork. Folklife can include:...

Folk Music

It's the traditional music of a group of people passed down through families and other small social groups. It's often rural music that is learned orally rather than written down. It's often thought of as...

“Ever aware of the changing nature of tradition, folklorists are fond of discussing the influences that bring about changes. .”

Margaret Bennett


"Scotland's Foremost Folklorist"

Widely regarded as “Scotland’s foremost folklorist” Margaret is known to “wear her scholarship lightly,” lecturing, singing and storytelling on both sides of the Atlantic. Scottish Arts critic Judy Moir wrote “It’s rare to witness such a charismatic and fascinating raconteur.”


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