scottish folklife

What is folk life?

It is the everyday and intimate creativity that a particular group or people share and pass on a group’s traditional activities, skills and handiwork. Folklife can include: telling stories, cooking, farming, boat building, weaving and stone wall building. It is passed down through imitation, conversation and practice. Everyday folklife is how communities of people form their identities, learn from their pasts and figure out their futures.

Scotland at Home and Abroad: Echoes and Reflections of Scotland in the Midwest

Folklorist Margaret Bennett, guest of West Shore Community College, Michigan, 2022.

Remembering Culloden

The 268th Anniversary Service remembering those who died at Culloden, April 1746. This year’s address was by Dr Margaret Bennett, Chief of the Gaelic Society of Inverness.


Traditional Scottish dance has four different styles: Ceilidh dance, Highland dance, Scottish country dancing and Step Dance.They all have some common moves, footworks and patterns. However, they also feature different adaptations that make them even more specific to their area.


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Waulking and Waulking Songs

Waulking is a step in the production of tweed. It involves soaking and rhythmically thumping the newly woven tweed to shrink and soften it. Waulking also raises the nap of the fabric, sets the dye and enhances its waterproof qualities. Waulking is also known as fulling or tucking. Waulking songs are Scottish folk songs traditionally sung in the Gaelic language by women while waulking.  Waulking songs served to keep the rhythm and lighten the work.